Writing Fiction: 9 Ways to Mastery — Online Now!

I am now offering an online, self-paced course including videos and supplemental activities. Enroll for free to sample the content.

Check it out at

Writing is a solitary act with a communal spirit among writers and readers. Writers benefit by studying authors who’ve honed the craft techniques and nuances of fine fiction. I built the online course using my framework Master Craft Juggling and content from my in-person Read to Write Books workshops.

Here are comments from workshop participants:

“If you love to read, now, you’ll love to read even more after understanding the framing and foundation of a great novel.” Kat Depuydt

“A great opportunity to have smartly led discussions about the craft techniques used in both classic and contemporary fiction.” Bailey Malone

“It has been a fun, motivating, and very worthwhile experience. What a joy it was to join with others–who either love to write or were and are avid readers–and hear the many different viewpoints. That alone was incredibly refreshing.” Kelly Shaw

“[Christine], herself a writer and painter, guided us through a very well-prepared and enjoyable experience of taking a focused look at the craft of writing. I enjoyed the selection of books and found the other participants stimulating and enjoyed their company.” Ann Levin

“If you are looking to buttress and expand the elements of craft in writing fiction, this class presents each element in a very integrated way. In the event that you are a good writer and would like to improve your understanding of the elements of the actual craft of writing, this is a great course. Christine has modeled it on her MFA in Creative Writing and it packs that kind of intellectual punch.” Lee Stein

“A mini MFA course!” Marlene Cullen

“Chris is an insightful, engaging teacher with great taste in literature.” Mary Luddy

In-Person Workshops

My workshop designed for bookstores or other community gathering places include the Read to Write Books course (9 sessions over 9 months), a 3-session Hands-on Writing workshop (featuring activities for developing Characters, Place, and Plot,) a day-long Revision workshop for manuscripts in progress, 2-day First Person memoir or narrative nonfiction workshops, and a series of Prizewinner workshops. I currently have no in-person classes scheduled, but if you are interested in being notified when a workshop is offered or to schedule one customized for your area or organization, please get in touch.


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